About Bugsee - The Bug Squashers

As app developers, we know all too well how bugs can slow down the development process and take valuable time and attention away from more important tasks like UX and creating new features. We know the trial and error involved with identifying the origin of a bug or reproducing intermittent bugs. We know the pain and frustration that comes with stabilizing apps and bringing quality products to market faster. And, we know that buggy apps lead to poor engagement and retention rates.

At Bugsee, we've taken this first-hand knowledge and experience and created a must-have tool for app developers and development teams. When a bug is reported or an app crashes, Bugsee automatically sends a notification to the bug tracker of your choice. The Bugsee dashboard then displays all the crucial data that led to the bug including short video clips capturing user actions that caused the problem and other information needed to squash the bug quickly and efficiently. Device specs, operating system versions, build details as well as all console logs and network requests are collected, displayed and synchronized.

Like a flight recorder or black box, Bugsee preserves user history and interactions with live apps on video, providing a powerful investigative tool for fast and efficient debugging and code fixing. No more back-and-forth with users, beta testers and QA. No more guesswork. No more behavior reenactments. With Bugsee, all the information needed to find and fix problematic bugs is right at your fingertips - displayed in a simple, visual manner that's easy to comprehend and act on.

Spend more time improving functionality and user experience and less time logging, explaining and fixing problems. Get Bugsee today!

Our Mission

Did you know that software bugs cost the U.S. economy $59.5 billion annually? Or that fixing a bug takes 30 times longer than writing a line of code? The average developer spends 75% of his or her time on debugging - gasp! That's why we've created Bugsee: to help app developers find and fix problems quickly and efficiently - freeing up valuable resources to be spent on creating new go-to-market features and revenue-generating activity.  Less headaches, more fun. Sign-up for Bugsee now.

Meet Our Founders and Chief Bug Squashers

Dmitry Fink

Dmitry Fink is Co-Founder and CTO of Bugsee

An experienced software engineer with nearly two decades of experience, Dmitry spearheads product design, development and support at Bugsee. Passionate about technology and staying up-to-date with recent technologies and trends, Dmitry spends his free time hacking on open-source and personal projects, developing web and Android applications, and zapping bugs every chance he gets.

Alex Fishman

Alex Fishman is Co-Founder and CEO of Bugsee

He spent more than a decade as an engineer, engineering manager, and business development executive for digital camera manufacturing giants Nikon to Lytro. A serial entrepreneur and longtime mentor and technology advisor to the startup community, WhatsApp was invented at his kitchen counter. At Bugsee, Alex brings his practical experience, business connections and enthusiasm for innovation to his role as Chief Executive.

Bugsee is a privately held company based in the heart of Silicon Valley and backed by K9 Ventures