Bugsee is on Product Hunt Today

Alex Fishman
January 24, 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that Bugsee is on Product Hunt today. Can’t wait for the Product Hunt community’s feedback and thoughts.

Why Today?

Last year we won the #1 crash reporter award by CrashProbe — the ultimate benchmark for mobile crash reporters. And that’s before our video, network and logs leading up to the crashes. And therefore, we’ve decided — it’s time!

Bugsee is, therefore I thank

I would like to thank our early customers, our network and our investors that supported us throughout this past year. We would not have made it to today without your patience, support and candor during our early months.

I would also like to thank our incredible engineering team, working around the clock, defying all odds in building the previously thought impossible feature set. Every day, I’m humbled by your achievements.

I’m proud of what Bugsee team has done so far and looking forward to the year ahead of us. Exciting!

Thank you!Alex Fishman