Best iOS crash reporting tool. Yes, we are!

Dmitry Fink
December 22, 2016

We are proud to announce that as of last week, Bugsee can officially be called The Best Crash Reporting tool for iOS. Bugsee now marks higher than the competition in Crashprobe, the ultimate crash reporter benchmark:

Crashprobe benchmark was developed and is maintained by HockeyApp (now owned by Microsoft), it is open source and available on Github. The test suite consists of 44 tests (22 different crash types that have to be tested both on armv7 and arm64 platforms). The results of each test are judged by completeness and accuracy of the produced report. Crashprobe also has a straightforward submission process for other reporters to submit their results. That we did. And after a quick validation of our results by the Crashprobe team, we made it to the first place!

Since the launch of Bugsee, our main goal was to become the best crash and bug reporting tool for mobile developers. From the start, Bugsee provided much more to developers than the competition, we had video and touch events, network traffic, console logs and system traces. Bugsee provides so much more context to the developer than a raw crash report pointing to the file and line the application has crashed. Context that is especially missing when developers try to catch that evasive crash that happens to their users but can never be reproduced in the lab. Yes, the crash happens in line 53, and its a nil pointer exception, but how do users get to that condition, it what sequence of events caused that to happen? Bugsee can answer that question.

Yet on the raw crash reports front we were playing catch-up. We were giving proper results in most cases, but in some rare crashes we wouldn't present the offensive line of code at all, or sometimes would show a wrong one. It was still enough for a developer to root cause his crash. Especially with the help of accompanying video and traces. But, nevertheless, we were not the best and that was something we couldn't live with. So there was no other choice but to solve it. Caffeine to the rescue. Lots of caffeine. And sleep is overrated anyway.

We could not be happier with the results. Not only we matched the score of the previous leader, but we beat him by 3 points. In the process the team also learned a lot and got some ideas on how to improve Bugsee crash reporting even further. So stay tuned, we are preparing a few surprises for our next release.